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My experience in getting piano safely moved to my new home

I was just like most other homemakers in Sydney when we started planning a relocation to Melbourne. We went through all the initial spade work checking out various professional movers, considering whether we should handle it all by ourselves, the costs and all associated details. For two weeks, we planned everything and my husband finally came to the conclusion that a professional piano movers ( would be the best choice though it did mean a few hundred dollars more. It is always recommended to contact interstate piano movers if you are moving a piano long distance. Also compare the cost and insurance procedures with different piano shippers rather than sticking to one.

Sydney to Melbourne

Our new home in Melbourne was getting spruced up and coordinating that was easy because we had a friend who would drop in and check to ensure that things were moving as planned. We had two days to go before the movers arrived. That night I suddenly remembered that our piano perhaps deserved more attention compared to all other household stuff. Now, we all know that a piano is a delicate instrument and cannot be stuffed along with all other things like the sofas, bed, washers and all that. Next morning, I called up the movers and asked them about the piano. Initially, they said they would handle it. But, when I insisted that they guarantee safe delivery with zero damages, they backtracked and said, maybe I should look for professional piano movers.

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Panic strikes

There was just about 48 hours to go and our plans at Melbourne all fine tuned with hardly any room for changes. Vacating the Sydney home, the tickets, reporting for work at Melbourne and all that stuff associated with relocation.

A friend in need

Even as I was fumbling through the internet trying to find a professional piano mover, my friend Emma dropped in to see if she could help during our final hours in Sydney. I mentioned my predicament about the Piano to her. Thankfully, it was only the previous week that she faced a similar question from another friend only to be told how Emma was not cautious enough when she moved in from Adelaide a couple of years ago. She had engaged a regular mover and her piano arrived in a bundle and had to reporting scrap it later. That one statement was enough because I had no doubt that our piano was a precious possession that the whole family enjoyed and valued.

Together, we zeroed down on a professional piano mover, and thankfully the deal was closed before the evening. The agency would arrive alongside the other movers and take charge of only the piano until it is delivered in Melbourne.

Well, our piano did arrive in Melbourne without a scratch, and the specialist movers even helped us reinstall it.

The learning curve

Weeks later, after we had settled down in Melbourne, my husband and I decided to expand our knowledge on whey moving a piano from one city to another was such a huge challenge. Honestly, piano tuners we were trying to justify the extra expense we incurred. Our learning curve did not last long, but we did learn quite a bit. Here is a collection of what we found out about pianos when it comes to intercity movements.

The weight of pianos varies between 400 and 1000 pounds. 1000 pounds is not a big deal for a professional mover. But the weight is not evenly spread out, and 25% of the piano takes most of these pounds. Now, that is where the job gets tricky particularly when you have stairs to negotiate or elevators that cannot accommodate the size. When the weight is uneven across a package or material that you are handling, the heavier portion has a tendency to tip over. It takes just under minute before your precious possession comes down with a thud and the next thing you get to see is a heap of wood and some metal!! Even the bravest heart would break at that kind of a sight.

The piano getting damaged (beyond repair perhaps) is only one part of the story. What some people or other belongings are damaged too, in the process. In addition to that, there is also the risk of the wooden floor, a table in the hallway, or the painting on walls that are susceptible to damage when an accident does happen.

Insurance blues

Another huge thing that we learned through the learning curve is that insurance is not a significant help when you consider moving a piano. Most insurance carriers will insure your piano, and if you look through the fine print, you will notice that their liability in the event of a claim arising is limited to a specified amount per pound. Thankfully, we never had the bother because our piano mover took care of the insurance and our contract with the mover clearly specified that he WILL deliver our piano at Melbourne and install it at the third level apartment we had rented. Everything worked smoothly, and I noticed that they had trained personnel with adequate knowledge of handling the piano both at Sydney and Melbourne

Months later, it was time to sit down and take stock of the move, the costs and the trivial losses we suffered. Well, some crockery, glassware and stuff like that do suffer some damage while travelling long distance. Though everything was insured, we opted out of a claim because the effort was not worthwhile. As for the Piano, the guys not only delivered it clean but also helped with the unpacking and re-installing where I wanted. My $100 tip was more than justified, and the guys left with a big Thank You.

Relocating educates

Relocating brings up some peculiar challenges and sometimes we tend to learn things, the hard way. But, in the information age, if you spend quality time reading stories such as mine, just imagine the peace of mind that you can buy for those extra dollars in hiring the professionals. But, sadly, more often than not, we tend to be overconfident of our abilities and end up paying a heavy price for that. Everything in this world is not a DIY, and perhaps that is the reason why some people are called professionals!