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What is High-Risk Pregnancy and How to Deal with it?

Becoming a mother is a beautiful period of a woman’s life, but it surely is nerve-racking. Normally, pregnancy is low-risk and require central monitoring and routine checkups. But a pregnancy became high-risk when it causes potential complications to both mother and baby or one of them. To avoid such critical circumstances, women must be aware of risk factors and warning signs of high-risk pregnancy and try to seek professional consultation before entering in this phase.

Risk Factors for High-Risk Pregnancy

The high-risk obstetricians at EMOG recommend that keeping your baby safe, healthy and sound while maintaining your health, is the core rule of completing a successful pregnancy and childbirth. For that, you must know, beforehand, what can cause complications and difficulties. Here is a list of some factors that can disrupt healthy pregnancy.

Maternal Age

Maternal age is a highly crucial factor in determining the overall development of gestation. As, if the mother is too young as in her teens or as old as in her late 30’s, in both cases pregnancy can be critical for varying reasons.

The probability of developing high blood pressure or anaemic condition is greater for pregnant teens, as they lack regular availability of much needed healthy RBCs (red blood cells). Mother and baby are connected through the placenta and umbilical cord, which serves as the pipeline to provide oxygen and essential nutrients to the baby assisted by the streamline flow of blood. Maintenance of blood pressure is one of the most vital factors in keeping this flow steady. Fluctuation in blood pressure can cause oxygen deprivation, can injure mother’s kidneys, and lead to delivery via C-section (delivery through a surgical incision).

On the other hand, mothers who are 35 or older, having their first pregnancy, have elevated risks of

  • Complications in delivery, especially excessive blood loss during labour
  • Extended work time of more than 20 hours
  • Cesarean/ C-section delivery
  • The infant may suffer from the genetic disorder, ex. Down syndrome


Mothers with BMI (body mass index) 30 or more have increased chances of high-risk pregnancy, as they are already in unhealthy medical condition. Other than hypertension and diabetes, there is an amplified risk of some fetal abnormalities to the new born if the mother is obese. Obesity makes both pregnancy and childbirth difficult for an obese woman.

On the other hand, if the mother is underweight to maintain her health, surely she won’t be able to uphold a healthy growing fetus. So, a healthy woman, with an appropriate BMI, does not have prominent chances of high-risk pregnancy.

Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple PregnancyThe probability of high-risk pregnancy is very high in case of multiple pregnancies. Even though it is a common notion that multiple gestations are a reliever of completing your family at once, but medically women who are having twins, triplets or higher multiples have high risks of complicated pregnancy. Problems with multiple pregnancies include preeclampsia, preterm birth, and gestational diabetes.

Immune System Disorders

Women suffering from immune system disorders such as HIV/AIDS do not have strong capability to fight against infections due to the damaged immune system and have a high risk of transmitting HIV to their offspring. The virus can be sent in some ways such as during gestation period while giving birth or through breastfeeding.

Other factors causing high-risk pregnancy include,

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • kidney diseases
  • Blood Disorders for example sickle cell anaemia
  • Epilepsy
  • Lung diseases
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Sexually transmitting diseases (STDs)
  • Abnormal position of fetus
  • Thyroid problem
  • Rh incompatibility of mother’s blood and fetal blood
  • HELLP syndrome

Warning Signs to Remain Cautious during Pregnancy

Other than the above mentioned distinct risk factors, pregnant ladies must keep a keen eye on following warning signs as well, and if experience anything likely then immediately rush to your physician,

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Regular Contractions
  • Intense pain in lower abdominal area
  • Frequent headaches
  • Reduced fetal activity
  • Watery Vaginal ejection
  • Burning sensation while urinating

How to treat/ avoid high-risk pregnancy

The whole period of pregnancy is filled with anxiety, discomfort, and pain generally, but the condition worsens in the case of high-risk pregnancy. To avoid that, a pregnant woman must follow simple rules such as,

  • Minimize the risk of complications by maintaining ideal weight
  • Take a preconception meeting with your doctor
  • Schedule regular prenatal care appointments
  • Gain recommended amount of weight during pregnancy
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs
  • Be stress-free and relaxed


Why Should You Hire a Tax Accountant to Handle Your Tax Returns!

The question of hiring an accountant is really a tricky one. As it varies from person to person. Depending on the situation, many people have gained benefit in their tax returns and enjoyed a lot of guidance to flourish their businesses. According to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service ) reports more than half of their taxpayers hire a professional accountant. In unimaginably difficult financial situations, hiring a highly skilled and experienced accountant such as InTouch Accountants is definitely a necessity. But then, you need to well access the situation yourself and research well before hiring anyone, as there have been many cases in which clients suffered a lot.

Other than that, in most cases accountants have the ability to take out the sinking boat on the shore without giving it much damage. In any way, an accountant will definitely make your tax returns greater. Here are a few of the most important benefits that a professional provide you with your personal life or business.

Efficient Working and improved Tax Returns

If you compare the efficiency and quality of work of a person who doesn’t have any basic know how on a specific subject and another person who is highly-skilled, professional, well- qualified and also has experience of working in the field for many years, then surely final results of a professional will definitely stand out. And here, when you are dealing with finances, your hard-earned money, then there is no point of compromising. An expert tax accountant, who has earned a professional degree while dealing with tax laws, rules and regulations and reading the market trends, can provide you with very valuable suggestions on improving your tax returns. Surely, you yourself be able to deduce in many situations very well, but there were very important points in some situations that you can miss. So, if you have any sort of doubts in your deductions and are not feeling fully confident, then it’s better to consult a tax accountant to avoid any future hassle.

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Ensured Competency of the Accountant

After a thorough research, if you have hired a highly competent certified accountant, then be almost sure that all your taxation will be done without errors and efficiently. A specialized helping hand proves to be more feasible in more complex situations, like handling more than one income. In order to avoid error in messy situations, be away from chaos in future and especially to save money, hiring a competent accountant is the best option.

Opportunity Cost and Complexity of Finances

Tax accountants are highly qualified and are greatly experienced in areas like negative gearing, capital gains, complex deductions, and complete IRS laws. A professional is used to dealing with difficult situations and making amends to handle them carefully and legally. On the hand, handling with these situations may be overwhelming for a layman. Especially if you own a personal business and you have already a lot on your plate, it is not wise to take risky decisions and touch the matters you are not confident about. So the term “Opportunity Cost” is extremely important in every regard. Use your brain and precious time to make more money rather than doing any tax return.

Tax Deductible Pay

You might not know about this fact, but your accountant’s pay is deductible as a tax. Simply stating, you are paying your employee to tackle your taxes for you, you can add this pay as a tax deduction, and eventually, you can receive a much higher tax return, in case you are eligible. It’s an amazing thing especially for those who can hardly pay someone to manage their accounts and tax returns.

Easy and Legal Handling of the Non- Payment of the Taxes in the Past

Seeking a professional help becomes immensely important in cases where you haven’t paid all your due taxes within the specified time. As now, the ship is about to sink, so you can’t take risk of relying on your own. Here, you must consult a professional accountant who is not only highly skilled but also has plenty of experience. An accountant will definitely have the knowledge of what can be done legally in such situations. A good tax accountant can advise you how can you file taxes of several years systematically. With his professional knowledge about this subject, he can guide you of various plans offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that are applicable in such situations. There can be a good plan offered by IRS that you were unaware of. Your accountant, working as your legal advisor, can make sure that in an attempt to clear all your past taxes everything is filed correctly, and you can smoothly move out of these circumstances. Depending on your situation, you can also contact a tax attorney. If you don’t have one of your own, your tax accountant can recommend a good one, who has expertise in such matters specifically.

Save You Time with a Professional Help

With an extensive knowledge of handling tax returns, legal issues and chaotic financial conditions, an efficient tax accountant ensures proficient helping of legal matters in less than the scheduled time. Rather, if you rely on the abilities of an incapable person, you will not only lose your money but will also ruin your time. In simple words, “time is money”, and if you can have plenty of both with much less effort on your part, then it surely is a good deal.

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In short, hiring a certified, professional and experienced account can hardly go in vain. Surely, there are some negative experiences, but it’s not worth taking a risk. So, rather than analyzing financial situations in confusion and stress and deducing decisions without any professional help, it is good to seek a professional help. There is quite a possibility that despite all your experience in the business world, you may skip a point or two in certain circumstances. That will eventually cost you irreparable loss in the future.